To-do List

I read somewhere that if you tell people about your plans or goals, you’re more likely to accomplish them because there’s more pressure to perform. Well, here goes nothing….

  1. Study for the LSAT (February 6th!! Yikes.) Done! YES!
  2. Find a job…any job. Please hire me! YAY!!
  3. Finish my research assistant project
  4. Study for the GRE Didn’t happen.
  5. Work on law school/grad school app stuff. Letters of rec, personal statements, etc.
  6. Find a local anti-trafficking organization to volunteer with Done!
  7. Work on getting my thesis published Sadly, this project never got off the ground. :(
  8. Learn Chinese and Spanish (this is going to take a while. I’ve been using which is awesome)
  9. Save up money for my Big Adventure (goal: $7K by Dec 2010) Yay! Made my goal!

I accomplished 6/9 of my goals for 2010…not too shabby.


2011 is going to go a little something like this:

January-May: Traveling
May-August: Home
August-December: Law school. Destination yet unknown.


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