Posted by: tinyoliphant | October 6, 2010

Planning for my dream trip

There are more important things that I should be doing right now. Like, working on my law school applications. And working on my research job. Instead, my wanderlust has been on extreme overdrive lately. I can’t stop fiddling with the Excel spreadsheet that I have for planning and budgeting my trip. is practically my homepage. I have 18 weeks and literally a world of possibilities.

Do I want to do:

Vietnam > Singapore > Malaysia > Burma > India > Nepal > Australia > New Zealand > Thailand >Vietnam

Or do I really want:

Vietnam > Singapore > Malaysia > Burma > India > Nepal > Bangladesh > Thailand > Hong Kong > Taiwan >Vietnam

Do I stay 3 weeks in India or 4 weeks? Do I want to spend the extra money required for Australia and New Zealand or try to stay on the cheap and stick to Asian countries only for this trip? Is it feasible to go from Nepal to Bangladesh by land? The only reason I want to go to Hong Kong is to stuff myself with dim sum.

I get so wrapped up in it only to get hit by the reality train. I need to hurry up and finish my law school applications so that I can have a future to come back to. And I need to work more so that I actually have the dough to fund this whole trip. Daydreaming is so much more fun, but the more I work now, the more I’ll actually get to live the dream instead dreaming it.



  1. My brother is in Uttarakhand right now and says it’s amazingly beautiful, so be sure to drop by there on your way to Nepal.

    • Eric, I just looked up pictures and it looks beautiful! I’ll add it to my list. :) When China was still on my list a while ago, I was completely set on taking the Trans-Siberian Railway to Mongolia like you suggested, but I guess that’ll be another trip.

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