Posted by: tinyoliphant | September 21, 2010

Portland, OR

Alex and I took a weekend trip to Portland toward the beginning of the summer and I’ve just now unloaded the photos from my camera. It was our first trip together, and both of our first times exploring our neighbor to the south. The weekend was wonderful and relaxing. Portland was very good to us.

Our very first stop was to Tasty n Sons for brunch. It was the yummiest and most unique breakfast food I’ve had in…possibly ever. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day and we ended up forgoing our other breakfast plans the next morning and returning there for another amazing meal. Totally worth it.

‘Bambino Plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit & heather’s honey’ butter ($6). Don’t let this simple looking plate fool you. The eggs were perfectly seasoned, bacon cooked to delectable crispiness, biscuit fluffy warm. And the butter wasn’t just run-of-the-mill spreadable stuff, it was honey butter and I still have dreams about it.

My first time trying ginger beer. It tasted like a very, very gingery ginger ale. Very refreshing.

This was from day 2. ‘Morocan Chicken Hash with spicy crème fraiche & over easy egg’ ($10)

I got too excited about this dish and didn’t think to take a picture until it was nearly gone (notice Alex’s fork swooping down for a bite). This was the ‘North African Sausage with over easy egg, couscous & cauliflower’ ($9). A rather small plate (TnS’s plates are meant for tasting and sharing), but very hearty and filling.

We found this elephant mom n’ pup statue on our way to Powell’s City of Books.

We took a lot of blurry/off focus pictures that weekend. :P

The French literature section of Powell’s, the world’s largest independent bookstore. <3

My love: Albert Camus. <3 <3<3

At Powell’s still. We ended up spending 2.5 hours there and it still wasn’t enough.

We stopped by this adorable toy stop, where Alex bought some bubbles. Bubbles!!!

At the International Rose Test Garden. There are hundreds of varieties of roses there. Very pretty, although overrun by large Asian families and wedding photo-shoots.

I loved the multi-colored ones.

Probably the best picture of us all weekend.

Outside the gardens were these magnificent sculptors made out of carefully woven twigs. They looked even more amazing in person.  You can’t tell in this photo, but they’re larger than life-sized.


We stood there for a while wondering if any blind person has ever actually used this map. Seems unlikely.

The Mayan chocolate shake at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe ($5). It looks so dinky because the lady was nice enough to split it into two cups for us when we said we were going to share. This is the world’s greatest chocolate shake. Decadent house-made chocolate mixed with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, and roasted almonds. Don’t drink this unless you’re prepared to have regular chocolate shakes forever ruined for you. OMGICANTSTOPTHINKINGABOUTIT.

This sign is hilarious, but it’s probably pretty useful because Portland is overrun by bicycles.

Things that were left undocumented:
*Our dinner at Doug Fur Lounge. If you ever go there, make sure to order the Crunchy Trout (pan fried Idaho trout, crusted with secret almond breading, finished with spicy lime aioli, sweet mango sauce, and salsa). I never order the fish dish at a restaurant and I loved this.
*The full rack of smoked barbecue ribs we bought at a street fair and ate while sitting the sidewalk. This was the very last thing we did before heading back home and it was the perfecting ending to a lovely weekend. Mmm…ribs.



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