Posted by: tinyoliphant | June 5, 2010


Everything that I’ve been doing lately is part of my perpetual search for freedom. I’m obsessed. All the money that I’m saving from my 50-60 hour workweeks is for the freedom to see the world. I’m taking a 30% pay cut at a new job for freedom to spend this summer on my own terms. Sometimes I say ‘no’ for freedom. Sometimes I say ‘yes’ for freedom. I daydream about it all the times. As much as I love Seattle, I know that as long as I stay here, I’ll never have the life that I’m longing for. I don’t know where that life is right now. Maybe in DC or San Francisco. Maybe in Algers or Bangkok. Maybe in the Saigon apartment I’ve always dreamed of, or on the back of a train headed to destinations yet unknown. All I know right now is that, wherever my heart is, it’s already far away from here.



  1. I hope you find what you are searching for :)

    Did you take that photo? It’s really gorgeous.

    • Thanks! :)

      No, I just found it on Flickr. I wish I was that talented!

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