Posted by: tinyoliphant | May 16, 2010

Seattle Cheese Festival

Shirley and I went to the Seattle Cheese Festival at Pike Place Market today, and it was a complete success. I’ve sadly missed it every other year, and was determined to go this year. There were hundreds to cheese samples and we did out best to try them all. I fulfilled my cheese quota for the next three months in less than 2 hours and it was oh so worth it. No pics of the cheese…it was kind of a war zone there and we were too busy eating.

Things to remember for next year: bring a plate to gather all the cheese and bread samples. Also bring a drink and buy some apples and grapes at the market. Some of the more experienced samplers there were making a veritable cheese platter for themselves and heading to the wine tasting for wine and cheese heaven. Shirley and I were just popping pieces into our mouths as we went, which was delicious, but more strategy needs to be applied for maximum efficiency. We were noobs this year, but never again!

(Props to Shirley for her mad self photography skills!)



  1. That’s a very nice picture of you guys. I’m kind of sad I missed the cheesy experience but it sounds like you guys had a great time plus I might have held you guys back haha.

  2. hehe i think we developed a good makeshift battle strategy halfway through, complete with decent tactics. :) Being completely shameless helped.

    • Shirley is completely shameless.
      I hung out with Trang and I didn’t even dare joke about the Cheese Festival. We ate spicy, crispy chicken wings!

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