Posted by: tinyoliphant | April 12, 2010

On religion

A very old entry from an old blog, but something that I still strongly believe in and have been thinking much about recently.

All I have to say about religion is, if you believe in something, that’s great. If you don’t believe in anything, that’s great, too. Just be a good person, though. That’s all that matters. Don’t kill or rape or steal. Use your head. I don’t care if you go to church or temple or mosque or no where. There is no one religion that is inherently “better” than any other. I don’t care if you praise God. I don’t care if you accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior. I don’t care if you follow the teachings of Buddha. I don’t even care if you think Satan’s a really swell guy. Be a good person. Go to a place of worship because you want to, not because you have to. Pray when you’re happy too, not just when you really need something. It’s okay to tell others about your religion, but don’t lecture them on it, and for goodness sake, don’t try to convert them! It’s just rude. Also, when others are tell you about their religion: listen. Don’t say your way is the right way. Don’t say the person/thing that you worship/follow is better than theirs. Don’t bring emotion into this. Learn from history: a whole bunch of times, a whole lot of people killed a whole lot of other people in the name of something that they all truly, deeply believed in. It turned out that they all believed in the same thing. Go figure. We all might go to heaven or hell or get reincarnated or just rot back into the earth. Does it really matter right now? Right now, when we’re living and breathing. I don’t think it does. You might think differently, and that’s perfectly fine. I respect you and your beliefs. You should respect mine, too. It’s only fair. We’re all so obsessed with all the differences that pull us apart, but there are so many things that can unite us in this world. Religion is so often the former, but it could just as easily be the latter. Religion is not bad; it’s actually very good when used properly, but people have the potential to be bad. People can have their agendas, their own selfish needs, their egos, and maybe that’s what is truly tearing us apart. Life could be so much easier, so much happier, so much kinder…if we wanted it to be.



  1. preach!

  2. Amen.

    (is that too Christian-biased?)

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