Posted by: tinyoliphant | March 31, 2010

My Heroes: Nicholas Kristof

Some of my biggest heroes are journalists. Edward R. Murrow, Anderson Cooper, Lisa Ling.

In 2004, Nicholas Kristof, brilliant columnist for the New York Times, wrote a series of articles about sex trafficking of young girls in Asian. He did a very controversial thing by “buying” the girls’ freedom (this is generally frowned up in the anti-trafficking world because it means putting money in the traffickers’ pockets). What I love about this series, though, is that it shows so many different facets of the problem, both realistically and sympathetically.

Part 1: Girls for Sale
Part 2: Bargaining for Freedom
Part 3: Going Home, With Hope
Part 4: Loss of Innocence
Part 5: Stopping the Traffickers

As I work more and more within the local anti-trafficking community, it is articles like these that really make me take a step back and and stand in awe of how huge and incredibly complex this problem really is.



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