Posted by: tinyoliphant | February 27, 2010

My new mascara

I had already given up. After many years  and countless tubes of flaky, smudgy, horrible mascaras, I was starting to wonder what was wrong with my eyes. Every mascara I ever tried always left a fine dust of reside around my eyes that would look raccoony and terrible. I wear contacts and have very dry eyes, so that only added to the problem. However, like bitter melon or candy corn, every once in a while I would think “maybe it’ll be different if I try it again this time” and be plagued once again with another day of raccoon eyes. Because of this, I haven’t worn mascara in almost a year. The other day, I finally asked my makeup guru cousin about it, and she show me what she was using: blinc. I was apprehensive that first, especially when she layered it on for me way thicker than what I usually wore, but since she knows so much more about makeup than I do (which is not a hard feat to accomplish) I trusted her and kept it on for a long day of errand running.

It was a miracle. My lashes looked long enough to almost be fakes, and there was no smudging, flaking, or dusting. I even went outside in the rain and applied eye drops half-way through the day with not even a hint of a smudge. I’m so happy. At $25 a tube, it’s pricier than drugstore brands, but about the same as department store ones.

Next goals: finding a good eye concealer and smudge-free eyeliner. Off to watch some more Michelle Phan tutorials!


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