Posted by: tinyoliphant | February 25, 2010

Books books books

I started reading Slaughterhouse-Five recently. It was a gift from a friend I only knew for six months and haven’t seen in three years. It was when I was in the hospital and he thought that it would be an entertaining read while on heavy doses of morphine. It’s pretty good so far (without the morphine).

There are so many books I never finished or haven’t read. I’ve been working on The Three Musketeers for the past four years. One Hundred Years of Solitude for three. They were both gifts, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t finished them yet. I come back to them every blue moon and read a couple chapters from where I left off, but somehow they always return to that dusty corner of my bookshelf. They’re good books and I’ll finish them one day.

I’ve been reading The Fall on and off and back and forth in English and French for the past five years. Never finished it all the way through. It’s a thin book, less than 200 pages, but very dense. It fascinates and intimidates me. I think if I ever finish it, it might just be my favorite book. Same with Notes from the Underground.

And I also have a long list of books that I have finished, but would love to read again. The Count of Monte-Cristo. The Brothers Karamazov. The Giver.

I hope to finish all of Montaigne’s Essays during my lifetime. I’m completely convinced that if Montaigne lived today, he would have a blog and it would be immensely popular.

I’m also very, very very excited about the latest Danny Wallace book coming out soon. And possibly a sitcom on ABC based on it? What? Yay! He’s one of my favorite contemporary writers/humorists. I also have a bit of a crush on him. One of his books, Yes Man (what the recent Jim Carrey movie is based on) is also on my list of re-reads.


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