Posted by: tinyoliphant | January 29, 2010

All the people in my mind

I am utterly fascinated by people. Their loves and passions, faults and redemptions, dreams and worries. I love meeting new people[1] and unexpectedly finding out new things about that people I already know.

People. Unique, but all the same. Everything that you ever felt or thought has been felt or thought by someone else and will continue to be felt or thought until the even of humanity. And I don’t see it as a negative thing; I see it as a uniting thread. People are so brave, intelligent, innovative, cowardly, spontaneous, humble, predictable, cool, surprising, cruel, beautiful, and strange. They’re saints and jackasses. Perhaps at the same time.

And people’s everyday lives are always so much more interesting than they think they are. I’m not the kind of writer that I used to be, but there are half a dozen people who have floated in and out of my life over the past few years who have just stuck in my head, and I could write a novel about each of them. Most of them, I haven’t seen for years and some I only ever talked to two or three times. A few I might never see again. Maybe that’s why. Once you know someone too well, it’s hard to write about them. You can’t inject part if yourself into their story. But if you barely know someone, if they’re there as soon as they’re gone, a wave of the hand or a uniquely formed response could symbolize their entire life. I’m babbling now, and it’s all auteur talk, but if I’m brave enough one day, perhaps, I’ll write one of those books. And they’ll never know.

[1]Not like the social butterfly kind of meeting people…I’m absolutely horrid at that kind of stuff….but actually discovering who people are once you’ve met them and have suffered past the awkward part. Having a real conversation about real things. It’s rare occasion indeed, but I cherish each and every one.

photo via flickr


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