Posted by: tinyoliphant | January 28, 2010


Tété, one of my favorite French singers, is having a US tour during the month of March! I first discovered him three or four years ago when two of his songs were on a mixed playlist of contemporary French music that I downloaded on a whim. The rest of the music on the playlist was forgettable, but his raspy voice, smooth melodies, and poignant lyrics captured me instantly.

From what I can discern from his website and MySpace page, he’s currently recording a new album in Portland and the exact tour dates/locations are TBD. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO SEATTLE!!! *cross fingers* I might even consider driving down to Portland to see him.

Who wants to come with me? Potential road trip??



  1. You know me, I’m always down! But what is perfect is that I was actually thinking of doing a roadtrip to Portland; Canon Beach specifically. Yeah, that’s fate a’knockin.

    • When were you thinking of going? I’ve never been to any part of Oregon before so I’m open to anything. Shirley also wants to do some tax-free shopping!

      • Jeeez, I had no idea you could thread these comments! Anyway, we could probably do any random weekend. I was thinking maybe in the next couple of months.

  2. I want to go!

    • Yay! I’ll let you know as soon as I found out about the concert date! <3

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