Posted by: tinyoliphant | December 29, 2009

More holiday baking!

In what is becoming a bit of a holiday tradition, I went to Kamilla’s house today to bake desserts and drink wine. It was delightful and we made sure to document it thoroughly. My favorite pictures are here, more on Facebook if you are so inclined.

Gluhwein is a mulled red wine that is beautifully spiced and served warm. An excellent accompaniment to an afternoon of baking.

I love Kamilla’s kitchen and her German baking tools. Here is a curious measuring cup. Mehl is German for flour. Turning the cup revels measurements for sugar and even raisins.

Waiting patiently for our sugar cookies to be done.

Baked! And ready for decorating.

My very first time decorating cookies! It was so much fun; we both felt like little kids.

Cookies this pretty deserve macro shots!

Look closely to find special ones that we made for our boyfriends. <3

Despite using the same brownie recipe as before, they came out completely different this time. Dense and firm instead of completely soft and gooey.

Ready to enjoy our creations. We had the brownies and cookies as we watched part of No Country for Old Men (don’t ask…there was nothing else on TV. Plus, it’s a good movie) and waited for the apple crumble cake to finish baking.

What a perfect afternoon!


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