Posted by: tinyoliphant | December 11, 2009

Je veux voyager

To sail away to half discovered places
To see the secrets so few eyes have seen

In French, the word for wanderlust is la bougeotte, coming from the verb bouger which means ‘to move’. The desire to shift, to travel, to get away from ‘here’, wherever it may be. This feeling is very intense within myself and so many others of my generation. I cannot imagine anything more exciting and freeing. It’s so romantic, isn’t it? A plane taking off to far away lands. Trains chugging away from the station, the conductor shouting out the last call. All aboard….

To see moments of enchantment on our faces
The moments when we smile and those in between

I daydream about it constantly and have had to stop looking at other peoples’ travel photos because the pangs of jealously have become too hard to bear. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to quite a few places in my time: Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Bangkok, and a few others. But what I dream of is not just a vacation, but a real adventure: months at a time, living as a nomad with a backpack and nothing else. Leaving it all, at least for a while. The fact that I’m going gray at age 22 shows a lot about my level of (mostly self-imposed) stress and oftentimes my escapist daydreams are the only things that can get me though the day. Before I can become a lawyer, I need to see the world. It is not optional.

There’d be no ties of time and space to bind me
And no horizon I could not pursue

This summer when I went to see Up in theatres, I completely broke down during the opening sequence. Ellie embodied one of my biggest fears:  What if I never got to travel? There I was, at a children’s movie, bawling, shaking, and trying to surpress my sobs.  I was so scared, but afterward it helped to strengthen my resolve and pushed me to work harder toward my goal. So, I’m slowly saving up my pennies and dreaming about routes and stops. But where to? China? Nepal? Morocco? Yes, please!

(Lyrics from “Enchantment Passing Through” from the musical Aida)



  1. Aww…your blog looks so pretty!!

    And you’ll definitely be able to travel and help the world =] Can’t wait to see all the awesome things you’re going to do–especially in regard to the women and children in developing countries! Yay!!

  2. Yay! You’re the first comment on my blog! Thank you so much for the encouragement, Janna! I’m planning to leave for Asia next fall if I can save up enough money by then.

  3. just hold on, nan. you’re gonna go so soon and then you’ll be homesick :) :) :) for me hehe

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